Data from the last year shows test scores for kids in Missouri fell during the pandemic, if our kids are falling behind who is to blame?

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According to an article from the test scores for Missouri children grades kindergarten through senior year in high school dropped during the pandemic year. The looked at over all scores in math, science, and other key categories without giving data yet on specific districts and schools. In the article they say...

"Students did worse in math and science, with scores for math dropping from around 42% in 2019 to 35% of students performing at grade level last year. In science, test scores dropped from 42% proficient to 37% proficient."

The article goes on to say how important it is to remember that some students were limited to exclusive online learning, while only 80% of students had good internet access. To read the complete article with all of the statistics click here!

So the question remains who is to blame for the test scores falling? In my opinion after reading the article I feel as though there is no one specific person or entity to blame. So many kids were home having to be schooled by working mothers and fathers, who are not trained teachers. And we all know as adults how easy it is to get behind with our own work if we miss a day or two from being sick, it is even more so for students who's entire year is planned out day by day before the year starts. I will say, in order to make sure that the kids catch back up and improve their test scores going forward, getting them into the classrooms is important BUT also making sure that 100% of kids have access to good internet and have a device to use at home to do that homework on is key. What or who do you think is to blame for the falling test scores?

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