For Earth Day 2021 lets all dream about the places we want to visit on our beautiful planet!

I have been very fortunate to have travelled many places in my 30 years of life. My parents have always loved traveling, and I have seen some incredible spots on the map. I have been to NYC, and LA, also Disney World and Disneyland, I lived in Moscow Russia my junior year of college studying abroad, seen Niagara Falls, gone on a cruise through the Caribbean, I've been to Paris, London, Berlin, and even Green Bay, Wisconsin! I consider myself very lucky, and I will always prioritize traveling in my life,  so on this Earth Day, I have decided to put down a list of 10 places I want to see before I turn 40 (I turned 30 last year)...

  • Seattle, Washington - I have been to Portland as a kid, but never far up to Seattle, the pictures of the skyline on the ocean and in front of mountains is enough to be on this list.
  • Alaska - Would love to take an Alaskan cruise to see the glaciers and see the northern lights.
  • Grand Canyon - I have been to Vegas twice but never made it out to the Grand Canyon yet!
  • Montreal, Canada - It's North America's closest thing to being in Europe, the food and the city both seem incredible.
  • Hawaii - Beaches, volcanos, incredible food, and sunshine!
  • Philadelphia - This is the one major East Coast city I've never been too, and I gotta go so I can try all the cheesesteaks!
  • Scotland - My sister says its incredible, and to drink scotch in Scotland would be cool.
  • Rome - I would love to see all of the ancient Roman history.
  • Pyramids at Giza -  Doing tours of all of the old Egyptian tombs would be incredible.
  • Baton Rouge - Just specifically for a night football game of LSU hosting Alabama.

So on this Earth Day, where would you like to travel too next on this incredible planet of ours?

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