Sam has pondered if Pumpkin Spice is hitting shelves to early, as seasonal encroachment has led to the popular flavor creeping into grocery stores already. Last year I wondered if we had hit peak Pumpkin Spice when I saw Pumpkin Spice Captain Morgan.

That vaguely cryptic tweet was shot out by the official twitter of Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte, aka the Real PSL, aka oh god, oh god, a beverage has become sentient and is using social media. While not an official confirmation of when exactly the PSL's nutmeggy essence will be unleashed upon the kindly townsfolk, but we know to start preparing for the end of days starting September 1st. Hell, we could be drowning in artificial pumpkin flavoring before I can get my light jacket out of storage.

Might I suggest, Mr. Howard Shultz, CEO of Starbucks, as one NMU Wildcat to another... maybe look into Halloween themed drinks. You already did that Lisa Frank inspired Unicorn Frappucino back in the spring, why not... I don't know, some cherry drink and call it Demon's Blood? Or a green beverage called Witch's Brew? You already have autumn drinks on lock, just go a step or two further.

*The NFL, leaves changing color, Back-to-school, Halloween, prestige awards-bait films, and a new Dick Wolf show on NBC being the remaining six

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