You never know what you're going to find when you go to a garage sale.

I don't go to a lot of garage sales but 10 years ago I did find what I consider to be a nice find. I bought a nice wood coffee table with a marble inlay across the top for $10. I still use it today. At a rate of $1 per year of use I'm thrilled with it.

There are stories on the internet about a rare Honus Wagner baseball card that was found at a rummage sale that sold at auction for just over 2.1 million dollars. Can you imagine being the person who let that go for pennies? Can you imagine the person that found it and knew what they had? That was a good day to get up early and go to garage sales.

Some strange things found include a bidet, a rusty eyelash curler, a dead ant farm, a half eaten fruit cake, feminine products and contraceptives, enema bags and a fake Christmas tree decorated with fake white mice. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

What are the best... or strangest things you've found at garage sales?

Speaking of garage sales, we're having a big one soon in Hannibal. The Hannibal Mega Garage Sale is coming up on Saturday, September 14 at the Admiral Coontz Armory. There's still time to get a booth space and sell your own wares too. Here are all the details.

Happy garage sale-ing.

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