Today we begin a new segment called "What's On Your iPod," where from time to time we will get the lowdown on what different local celebrities' favorite songs are at the moment. First up is KHQA morning anchorman Chad Douglas.

We've known for a long time that Chad is a country music fan. Let's find out what he's been listening to lately.

Hey Chad, what's on your iPod right now? Tell us what you're currently listening to.

At this very second, my iPod is on a shuffle of EVERYTHING I got. A Rascal Flatts Christmas song popped up yesterday…I skipped it. =) There’s a lot of 90s country on there. Bryan White, Travis Tritt, Tracy Lawrence, Garth Brooks, Rascal Flatts also comes on a lot. Some of my newer stuff includes Sam Smith. I think his voice is completely unique, and I like that. I also have been spinning a lot of David Nail recently. I haven’t downloaded his new album yet (I’m close) but his last album “Sound of a Million Dreams” gets a lot of airplay from me.

Is there anything new that's caught your ear lately that you might like to hear more of?

I think David Nail is incredibly underrated. A good ole Missouri boy who has a great voice, and some great music. He should get more airplay. I’d also like to hear some new Rascal Flatts music soon. =)

What did you think of the ACM Awards? Any favorite moments or performances? Anything you didn't care for?

My favorite part of the ACMs was the “oldies” coming back. Garth, Reba, etc. I loved that most of the milestone winners performed snipets of several songs. I also loved the segment where Taylor Swift’s mom introduced her. My biggest love of country music is that the artists always seem like real people. That was real! As far as what I didn’t care for…the first half hour of the show. It wasn’t holding my attention. I go to bed early, so I had to DVR the show. I really started enjoying it after I picked up where I left off.

We thank Chad for sharing his opinions and favorites with us. Another edition of "What's On Your iPod" will be coming soon!

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