Avid Jeopardy viewers will go through a very tough week as this will be the final 5 broadcasts of the long running TV game show featuring the beloved host Alex Trebek who passed away last year.

Friday will mark the last show and will end with a tribute to Trebek who died from pancreatic cancer on November 8, 2020. He had fought the disease for almost two years before succumbing to it. Before he died, Trebek worked recording shows until 10 days before passing away.

That final show on Friday for die hard and casual viewers will force fans to have a box of Kleenex with them to get through it. The Jeopardy shows can be locally seen daily on KHQA-TV at noon. Next week the temporary new host of the show will be Ken Jennings, the all-time winningest player on Jeopardy. A permanent host has not yet been selected for the show.  You talk about huge shoes to fill. Good luck to Jennings and whoever hosts the show beyond that.

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Trebek will be greatly missed. It's funny the definition of Jeopardy is "Danger of loss, harm or failure". Well, as a long time viewer of the show my loss like everyone else's was Alex's passing, My harm was playing along and thinking "am I really this stupid?". My failure was thinking that way, because I got quite a few right during each and every show I watched over the years as I played along.

So Alex, I'll take Jeopardy for $1,000. Ops, old habits never die, and thanks to the standard set by Alex Trebek, neither will Jeopardy.

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