I have people ask me all the time what job I would be doing if the radio thing hadn't worked out. Couple things worth mentioning...first of all, I can almost see the gleam of hope in their eye that I'm about to go do another job so they can once again listen to KICK-FM again without my constant babble. Second, there is no certifiable proof that this radio thing has ever worked out.

As for me, I think I would seriously enjoy selling real estate.  I doubt I'll get the chance since most people won't trust me to babysit their gerbil when they're on vacation.  Why would they trust me with a house?  That reminds me.  Have you ever seen the movie "Housesitter" starring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn?

Great movie.  But see...that's why I'll probably never get to sell real estate.  I'm easily distracted.  Just wondering out loud if you're doing the job you really want to do.  Or is there something else you always wanted to do but didn't get the chance to?  What say you?

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