I can't tell you how many times I have had this conversation with my family and friends. What would you do if you won the Powerball jackpot?

Perhaps, someone tonight, will find out exactly what they will do with all that money. At last check, the jackpot was estimated to be around 640 million dollars. That's a lump sum amount nearing 400 million, or 19.2 million I can't even count that high.

I would be like the dog chasing the car. What would I do with it if I actually ever caught it?I don't know how you feel about promotions like lotteries, but it's really difficult to realize how much responsibility would come winning a jackpot like this.  According to foxnews.com,  It's not always the fairytale ending that most dream about.

Think about all the positive things you could do with this money. Honestly, once you've outfitted the family with new homes and monster trucks, what are you going to do next month? Perhaps setup a fund that completely picks up the bill for any interested senior from your local high school, to complete four years of college.  Or, St Jude Children's Research Hospital doesn't have to worry where research money is coming from for the next six months. The possibilities are endless.So, if you purchased tickets, good luck. And remember, both Doc and I aren't concerned about which color muscle cars we receive. 

So share with us, what would YOU do if you won the big jackpot?





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