Sam and I went off on a wild tangent about some obscure forms of media from days of yore, trying to figure out what exactly she was listening to her Debbie Gibson songs on. Smaller than a cassette, and long before HitClips or MP3 players were a thing. But we still weren't quite sure what it was she was talking about.

They were Pocket Rockers, from Fisher Price, which were like HitClips for the cassette era. The advertisement's tagline was "Tiny Players! Tiny Tapes!" which explains why Sam had so many of them. I'm going to start referring to Sam as "Pocket Rocker." Shhhhhh don't tell her. It's funnier if she doesn't know.

Pocket Rockers are a hot collector's item, with one set of the player, 17 tapes, and various accessories currently listed at $225 on eBay.

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