I remember hearing that Silver Dollar City would be adding a new water ride this year. It seemed like it might be a knock-off of Thunder River at Six Flags. Now that I've seen a new point-of-view video from inside the ride, I know that perception of mine was way off.

Attractions Magazine recently captured video of what Mystic River Falls is like now that the ride is open. Here's how they described the experience:

The tallest drop on a water raft ride in the Western Hemisphere, Mystic River Falls is now open at Silver Dollar City theme park. The water adventure includes winding, roaring rapids set in an authentic Ozarks mountainous river theme, culminating with a waterfall drop that sends riders down more than four stories

Some things to note as you watch this. Compare the speed of this ride compared to Thunder River. While most of Thunder River seems rather relaxing, Mystic River Falls really moves at several points. Oh, and wait until it gets hoisted up for the big drop at the end.

This family's video share shows a better perspective of that final big drop.

The official Silver Dollar City website says this ride cost $23 million dollars to create and features 200,000 gallons of water per minute. I'd hate to see that water bill.

Since it's late summer and there are only a handful of weekends to day trip for fun like this, I figured it would be worth showing what is new at Silver Dollar City. If water thrills are a favorite of yours, this one looks highly recommended.

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