I am a professional skeptic. When I see weird things, I almost automatically go into debunk mode. However, even my questioning eyes have no clue what's going on in a new video that appears to show a UFO following a jet over Missouri.

Here's the explanation from the video share of what they witnessed. Based on the video details, this video was taken over Dundee, Missouri on June 11, 2021. Note: I'm removed the ALL CAPS comment they left and made them normal. You are welcome.

Witness pulls into Kroger in Dundee Town. The road from his house and starts recording this sighting. The witness said the UFO had a dark ring around it.

As you watch this, you'll see the contrails of the jet then the UFO appears out of the nearby clouds.

Some observations from the skeptic. 1. The light from the object is too bright to be an anti-collision light on the bottom of a plane. 2. The rate of movement seems to mimic that of the jet which doesn't make sense if it's a smaller plane. 3. Doesn't the FAA avoid having planes this close together?

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One possible explanation is that this could be some type of reflection from the sun to a cloud or even a remnant of the plane's contrail. Yes, I'm reaching a little bit, but that's the best non-weird "oh look, it's aliens in a UFO" theory.

Every now and then you'll find a decent explanation in the YouTube comments. The best one I saw wasn't an explanation, but another observation worth noting:

I don't think it's as high in altitude as the jet, it is much closer to the camera, possibly descending, it is an awesome catch...

There you go. Another weird sky object observed over Missouri.  The truth is out there.

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