Kansas City's Worlds of Fun and their Viking Voyager log flume ride were featured in a sketch on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The sketch features SNL cast members Heidi Gardner, Mikey Day, Kyle Mooney, Ego Nwodim and guest star Nick Jonas playing a bunch of high school juniors getting ready to ride the Viking Voyager log flume. Between the lines it's a sketch about the cruelty of teenagers, the nuts to butts nature of sitting in those flume boats, and using a life size stuffed prop of the guy from Disney Pixar's "Soul".

I personally think somewhere in a writers room at SNL someone wanted to use the word cuck in a skit. According to Urban Dictionary, in the context used in the skit, a cuck is, "a man who is desperate for acceptance, approval, and affection from women. This desperation has led to the compromise of his beliefs and values, the desecration of his dignity and self-worth, and his inability to stand up for himself and what he deserves as a human being, eg. loyalty, fidelity, and honesty in a romantic relationship."

And thus we get the gaggle of teens in line to ride the Viking Voyager with cast member Kyle Mooney playing the hapless teen mercilessly referred to as cuck throughout the sketch whose been riding alone, or with the prize he won, a life size stuffed guy from "Soul" all day.

The park's iconic roller coaster Mamba and it's classic thrill ride Zulu also get a shout out during the skit too.

The skit is mildly amusing for anyone that's wound up being the odd person out that's had to ride alone at an amusement park. Or anyone whose dealt with the unspoken awkwardness of having to practically sit in someone's lap on rides like The Viking Voyager.

I know it's satire, a clever use of a word, and is supposed to funny. And maybe I'm overthinking the sketch. But the teenage cruelty portrayed in the sketch tempered the funny for me and the joy of seeing World's of Fun shouted out across America on Saturday Night Life. You can watch the skit for yourself here:

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