My wife is a meteorologist, so I see a lot of weather-related things. So, when I say that this is one of the wildest clouds I've ever seen, that gives you an idea how crazy this Missouri cloud is where it rolls like an ocean wave.

The guy that shared the video calls it a "gravity wave". I didn't think that was correct, but the National Weather Service website backs him up. Here's how they define a gravity wave:

In a gravity wave, the upward moving region is the most favorable region for cloud development and the sinking region favorable for clear skies. That is why you may see rows of clouds and clear areas between the rows of clouds. A gravity wave is nothing more than a wave moving through a stable layer of the atmosphere.

OK, so gravity wave it is. Whatever you want to call it, this is crazy atmospheric movement.

He said on Rumble that he captured this over Smithville Lake, Missouri. That's an area just north of the Kansas City metro area. Considering that it's nearly in Kansas, the fact that the atmosphere was rolling that day should not come as a surprise. You haven't truly lived until you've witnessed some of the rowdy thunderstorms that traverse that part of eastern Kansas/western Missouri.

Gravity wave clouds are such the rage that entire YouTube channels have been devoted to them.

As has been said before, if you don't like the weather in our part of America, just wait 10 minutes.

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