If you've ever had the privilege of visiting the Great Lakes area, you know that weather can change in a heartbeat. One visitor near Lake Michigan captured a stunning time-lapse of a storm that suddenly popped up rolling in over the water.

Here's how the person who shared the video described what happened:

I was with my family on the south side of Milwaukee on a perfectly clear afternoon, when suddenly, the sky darkened. These dramatic arcus clouds moved so fast that I thought the only way to properly capture them was with a time-lapse video. Within moments, the sky darkened, the wind whipped the sand around the shore, and we quickly took shelter in our vehicle.

This is what they saw:

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It's easy to mistake this type of cloud for a wall cloud that has the capability to drop a tornado. Arcus clouds and the rolling motion occur on the leading edge of a thunderstorm as Wikipedia mentions.

A few years ago, a thunderstorm spun off a huge waterspout viewable from the Illinois shores of Lake Michigan.

Gotta love lake-effect weather. If you don't like the weather when you arrive at the Great Lakes, wait 10 minutes and it will likely change.

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