I have to be honest; I did not know about this song before a couple days ago. My girls are well past the baby songs stage, so when this new song hit the Youtubes, I managed to avoid it. Before long, though, it was EVERYWHERE! And that includes Culver-Stockton College where members of the administration made the song their own (and it's hilarious).

If you know the words, feel free to sing along. And if you don't it's basically "baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo mommy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo". You get the idea. Anyway, here are CSC's Chairman Ronald Leftwich, President Kelly Thompson, and Dean of Student Life Chris Gill doing the dance and putting their own spin on it to kick off Homecoming Week.

Pretty cool to see all those college students going nuts for a song for babies. As annoying as the song can be, it's pretty awesome to see the administration able to laugh at themselves to the delight of students. And yes, it's MOST ANNOYING SONG EVER.

Thank goodness my girls are older and I don't have to listen to this song ever again. But for those who do, might and I don't have to listen to this song ever. But for those who do, remember, they do make noise cancelling headphones. You might want to invest in a pair.