Once again our skies have been lit up by a meteor burning up in the atmosphere. Multiple videos show this space rock as it became a bright fireball.

The American Meteor Society showed nearly 100 official reports of this meteor event as of this writing. They had several videos submitted showing it from multiple angles.

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We are going through 3 different meteor showers now simultaneously. The AMS Meteor Calendar shows us in the middle of the Orionids along with the Southern and Northern Taurids.

Just a few days ago, a woman in British Columbia was nearly killed when a meteorite survived that burn through the atmosphere and went through her roof and barely missed her in her bed. In this case, fortunately no debris has been reported actually making it all the way to the ground.

We have shared several fireball events in our skies over the past few weeks. This is yet another space rock that has been captured by the millions of phones and doorbell cameras that are prevalent in our world now.

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