I have video proof that even cowboys and their horses need their fast food fix every once in awhile. Is it possible to order a sugar cube at a fast food place? Asking for a friend.

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This happened in Topeka, Kansas recently. The lady and her friend could not believe their eyes when they someone (and something) very unique going through the McDonalds drive-thru. Here's what she said:

I was sitting at a different drive thru, when I saw a man on horseback cross the street and enter the McDonald’s drive thru, appeared to get a coffee before hitting the road again.

"Whoa, Nelly. I'll take a McRib and some McOats if you have them." This might be the most equestrian fast food thing you witness today.

There's no confirmation that the horse got an apple pie for a dollar instead, but I have to wonder.

Going through a drive-thru on a horse isn't that unusual, but it kind of is for the Midwest. It does remind me of a fun moment that happened in Texas once involving a Longhorn.

Welcome to the wild...Midwest...partner.

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