Now might be a good time to ask the kids to leave the room. I have found video of a Missouri cat named Cleo putting on a pole dancing performance for the ages.

I'm slightly embarrassed that I found this. I assure you it was not due to any inappropriate internet searches or anything (*ahem*). Here's what the owner had to say about Cleo and his dance moves:

Cleo was rubbing on the pole and I luckily was able to grab my phone and capture the moment

The video more or less speaks for itself, so...

What can I say about Cleo and that dance that won't embarrass my family? Answer: Nothing.

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Now that pretty much everyone has a good camera on their phone, it's nearly impossible to NOT find a video about a dancing pet even if Cleo almost makes a NSFW cat moment.

I will now attempt to go back to doing something that helps me forget that I am now the guy that shared the Missouri pole-dancing cat moment. Remember, I said "try".

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