The snowman probably had it coming. A Ring doorbell camera captured the special moment when a bear cub took a supreme dislike to someone's completely fake yard snowman.

This video share has set off a firestorm of bear/snowman controversy. There's no mention of where this yard ornament assault happened. The travesty...more on the YouTube comments in a second. First, watch the bear cub completely throw down on this innocent yard decoration as seen on a doorbell cam.


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Now, to the YouTube rage. Here is a sample of how this is playing itself out:

Randy Ciriaco - "NOOOOOO!!!! FROSTTTTTTIEEEEE!!!!"

Keith Dizinno - "Where is the Month/Day/Year of Occurrence? And, Where is the Town/City/State that this happened? 😕"

Andy Dietrich - "Are you trying to revenge for Frosty like damn why not get their SSN too"

See what I mean? No location of bear assaulting snowman = internet anger. Thanks to my (admittedly not so) keen observational skills, I can tell you it's a place with no snow yet. Could it be California or maybe Florida? No snow in much of the Midwest yet either. In the end, does it really matter? To the snowman, no. He's a goner thanks to the fact that the bear ended him.

I could argue this is a western bear since he took offense that the snowman was a faker.

If you desire a more positive snowman moment, consider this.

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