So I recently watched the Fyre Festival documentary on Netflix (haven’t gotten to the Hulu feature just yet). And apparently the 2017 trainwreck of a music festival was about a thousand times worse than any of us could have possibly predicted. Seriously, there was some messed up stuff in that documentary that has pretty much turned me off to music festivals forever. And all festivals. And all music.

So I was pretty intrigued when I saw that Buzzfeed got their hands on the original Fyre Festival pitch presentation geared at potential early investors. I had to take a look (and you can too HERE).

Keeping in mind that none of what the founders promised actually existed, the presentation is pretty vague and just as ridiculous as you’d expect. They list all of their early “Fyre Starters” (see what they did there) which are a few internet famous people famous for being on the internet and being people. “Influencers” as they’re called. I hadn’t heard of most of them.

And yet there, amidst a patterned grid of Instagram models and people on Ja Rule’s Christmas card list was one of my childhood idols: Marshall Faulk.

Marshall was part of the Greatest Show On Turf in the early 2000s, an MVP, a seven-time Pro Bowler, and an integral part of still the only Super Bowl championship in Rams history (yeah, went there).

I dug a little deeper and sure enough, Ja Rule and company somehow got the three-time Offensive Player of the Year to post a dumb orange square on December 13, 2016 which was designed in some capacity to get people amped about what would end up being one of the biggest dumpster fires in recent history.

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Very excited to announce #FyreFestival. Come join me. Http:// Take a look at the video.

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The post collected a mere 141 likes and flew pretty much under the radar. Not a huge deal by any means in the long run. Still, Instagrammer thefurmie puts it best the most recent comment.

“@marshallfaulk – probs best to delete this one.”

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