Hurricane Ida has left a path of destruction in Louisiana coast and electric trucks are headed down south to help.

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A video taken today showed 57 Alliant Energy trucks from Iowa headed to Louisiana to help get power restored. Millions are without power right now as a result of the Category 4 Hurricane Ida over the weekend.

Power is also out for the entire City of New Orleans which now has affected the Saints home opener. The team announced t hat they will not be in the Caesars Superdome for the whole month of September.

So, with these 50+ trucks headed to the coast I hope they can work to get people back with power to start the cleanup. I am sure there are going to be more and more video's pop-up with several electric trucks headed to the coast to help people get power back.

If you see any of these trucks, please honk your horn and give them a thumbs up, they have not only miles to travel, but a BIG job on their hands to get power restore for an entire city and the Louisiana coast.

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