This is the nightmare scenario when you leave your dog alone in your home. Security camera video shows a grease fire that was accidentally started guessed it...the family dog.

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The Southern Platte Fire Protection District in Missouri shared this video which was dropped on YouTube and also covered by USA Today. It's a grease fire that ended up destroying the family's kitchen all because a dog accidentally hit a knob.

According to the USA Today story, the dogs paws touched the controls on the cooktop accidentally igniting it. The good news is that no one (including the dog) was injured, but the kitchen...well, the kitchen is goners. Pictures shared by the Southern Platte Fire Protection District show the kitchen is a total loss.

They report that the family's two dogs did have to be treated by firefighters upon arrival, but all are fine now.

Touch screens are common on virtually every phone these days and have made their way to many home appliances now, too. Many will likely want to take extra precautions that they can't be accessed by pets after seeing what happened in this Missouri home.

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