If you're a parent, you realize it's hard to get alone time. It's kind of the same when you're a farmer trying to fish as a new video share proves.

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This fun YouTube short was just dropped today. There's no location given, but this sure looks like our neck of the woods and I don't know any of our farmers who can't identify.

There's a fun article on Open Philanthropy about how fish are the forgotten farm animal. They mention that "crucian carp, silver carp, and catla" are creatures that are "farmed" which makes them a farm animal. I rebel against that theory. If I'm ever asked to herd carp, I'm quitting. There's no meaner fish than a carp.

Back to the original point of this article. It's probably a better description to say it's hard to fish if you're a GOOD farmer as these animals definitely are fond of their owner. If your cows and donkeys don't like you, fishing would likely be no problem.

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