If you're a farmer in Missouri, it's not news that black vultures can be a problem for your livestock and your business. It's also true that black vultures are a protected species. There is a way you can legally shoot black vultures, but you need to do something first.

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The Missouri Department of Agriculture shared an interesting newsletter telling the story of how black vultures have created a big problem for many Missouri farmers. Jeff's story shared by the Missouri Department of Agriculture is a great example. He said that the vultures will prey upon young heifers that are still alive and not just carcasses. That hurts his business and leaves him with a dilemma. Fortunately, there is now a solution.

So how can a farmer legally shoot a black vulture in Missouri?

Short answer - GET A PERMIT

The Missouri Department of Agriculture shared this detail about what they're being allowed to issue to farmers:

Missouri Farm Bureau has received a statewide depredation permit that allows for a limited number of black vulture “takes” where black vultures are depredating on livestock. Livestock producers who are experiencing depredation may apply for a Livestock Protection depredation sub-permit that if approved will allow producers to protect livestock against black vulture attacks.

Note that being issued one of these permits does NOT mean you are allowed to take out any other protected species, just the black vultures.

For more details and specifics, make sure you check out the official statement from the Missouri Department of Agriculture to make sure what you're doing really is legal.

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