A video posted on Luke Combs' Tiktok account is going viral as he makes a young fan's day with the caption "#corememories" check it out here!

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@lukecombs This is what it’s all about! #countrymusic #lukecombs #corememories ♬ Doin' This - Luke Combs

This video is just perfection, the kid in the video appears to be named Jackson from what you can hear from the person behind the phone recording, it is exactly the type of response that you'd expect if you got a surprise gift from your hero. What makes this video extra special to me is that Luke Combs tags the posting of this video on his Tiktok channel with the hashtag #corememories because this actually will be a core memory for this kid.

As far as the gift goes it's awesome, if you can't get a guitar signed from Luke Combs then getting one of his iconic buttoned-up shirts would be a close second. Not only did he get the shirt but Luke also signed it for the kid. Near the end of the video the person recording asks the kid to read what it says and he reads "To Jacks keep rocking buddy" signed Luke Combs, just so cool.

I will add I am a 31-year-old grown man and a giant Luke Combs fan and I would be just as excited as this kid was to receive a gift from the current King of Country Music, but I would prefer that Luke send me one of his cool vintage Miller Lite hats signed that I can keep in my office.

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