Funeral homes already have an uncomfortable vibe to them, but you add in abandoned, well that's a whole different set of creepy vibes.

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This abandoned funeral home was once a hotel then turned into a funeral home. It's located in Cairo, Illinois (which the whole town is abandoned and creepy). The funeral home has been closed for years now due to a fire that took place on the third floor. The current owner is trying to restore the home, but as you can see it's been a long process.

YouTube / Urbex Dane

According to the video, this room was a sitting room when the building was a hotel and then turned into a viewing room when the building was a funeral home.

YouTube / Urbex Dane

In the video, we found out that this room use to be the morgue for the funeral home and a room for cosmetology classes. There are also still some features of the room that are from the hotel like the framework and the window above the door. That is all from the hotel according to the video.

YouTube / Urbex Dane

There are so many rooms in this building from when it was a hotel, you really can get lost easily.

YouTube / Urbex Dane

This is probably the creepy room in the entire house, the basement. And in the video there was talk that there was a floating coffin seen in this room, it's so dark you can't really see it and because of the massive flooding, the crew was unable to explore this room. I don't think you could pay me $10,000 to walk in that water and room.

There are so really cool books, music tapes, and antiques that were used by both the hotel and the funeral home. It really is interesting to watch these explorers walk through this building.

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