It is back-to-school season across the United States and if you are headed off to college that means you'll most likely have a hefty price tag to pay for your education. In some schools, the price tag is way bigger than in others, like two universities in Illinois that both are in the top 10 for Most Expensive Colleges in the US.

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According to an article from, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University are two of the 10 most expensive colleges in America. The site ranked the top 50 most expensive schools and coming in at number 9 on the list was the University of Chicago with a yearly tuition cost of $76,302, followed by Northwestern University with an annual tuition cost of $76,

Atop of the list is Harvey Mudd College in California where it costs $77,339 per year to attend. The rest of the top 10 is filled with schools from the Ivy League like Penn, Dartmouth, and Brown.

Now for our readers on the Missouri side of the river, there is one school from the Show-Me State that makes the top 50 and that is Washington University in St. Louis. That school comes in at 44th place with annual tuition of $74,096, BUT the site claims that it has the best dorms in the country according to another site. To see the full list of schools and their tuitions click here!

College tuition prices are just getting so insanely high, who can afford to send their kids to these schools if they aren't millionaires or getting full-ride scholarships?

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