Take this test to help you determine who you should spend your time with.

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I was just scrolling through Facebook when I cam across a friend of mine who shared this article from Medium.com and the article is all about this test you can take to determine who are the people in your life you should spend more time with. The test is called "Two Beers and a Puppy" and it's pretty simple.

According to the article, to see the complete article click here, if you want to figure out who in your life you should prioritize put them through the "Two Beers and a Puppy" test.

For example, say you meet a new friend through a social outing, or work, or school, and you're unsure about this person ask yourself "Would you want to sit and drink two beers with this person? And secondly would you let this person watch your brand new puppy for the weekend?"

According to the article if the results are "yes to beers, and no to puppy watching" you like them but they aren't trust worthy. If its "No, and No" then they aren't fun or trustworthy, if it is "No,and Yes" then those are people who may be boring or you don't click with but are honest and trustworthy. Finally if you answer "Yes, and Yes" to both that is the type of person you should commit more time to in your life, find the "yes and yes" people and build relationships with them.

I saw this and have found it fascinating to try out on some people I know, so give it a try and hopefully it will work for you to find people who you should continue to build friendships, and relationships with!


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