I remember staying up late to watch Johnny Carson when I was a young child. There was an art to staying up late: you had to be very quiet, so as to not draw attention to yourself.

When Jay Leno took over The Tonight Show, I was more drawn to David Letterman, so I did not watch The Tonight Show as much as I did The Late Show on CBS.

Fast forward several years. Jay Leno retires (for the second time), and Jimmy Fallon moves from Late Night to The Tonight Show.

I watched the first episode. It was OK. Not stellar, just OK.

I happen to be up late writing blogs as The Tonight Show begins. While watching, Jimmy Fallon presents the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Here it is:

I am still laughing.

I like Brian Williams. I also like Lester Holt (watched him for years on WBBM in Chicago anchoring the news with Linda MacLennan). I love when people that are supposed to be taken very seriously, are given the opportunity to let their hair down (and that they are willing to do that).

Would the attached video be as funny with Les Sachs & Matt Schmidt?

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