I read recently that a neighbor of Orson Welles once advertised his home for sale. Part of the ad read: "Have Orson Welles as a neighbor!" Mr. Welles was not amused. For nearly a decade, Zillow has been conducting an annual Celebrity Neighbor Survey, in which members of the public are asked which celebrities they would most like to have as a neighbor, and which celebrities they think would make terrible neighbors. The results of the 2014 survey are in. 

Jimmy Fallon came in as the winning celebrity, as the famous person that people would most like to live next door to. Fallon also won the top honor in last year's survey. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton came in second, and Taylor Swift was third.

What about celebrities that people think would make terrible neighbors? Justin Birber has the distinction of being on top of that list in 2014, followed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Miley Cyrus.

Which celebrities do you think it would be fun to live next door to?

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