No, that's not a terribly titled sequel to the 1997 cinematic masterpiece starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Kathy Bates, Victor Garber and Master Thespian Billy Zane. It is in fact a second Titanic cruise ship. Titanic II: Sail Hard With A Vengeance will indeed set sail in 2020, and plans to follow the exact same travel route as its predecessor 106 years ago. Well... it may make one noticeable deviation from the original route. A deviation that takes them around any icebergs, instead of right into one.

According to USA Today, the $500 million Titanic II: Cruise Control hit financial road blocks, but should resume construction and hit a 2022 launch date. The ship will be a near exact replica of the original, except with updated engines, modern navigation systems, extra safety features, and hulls that don't have holes in them.

The Titanic II: Cruiseship Boogaloo will depart from Southampton, England, much as the original did, then sail on to New York City, tracing that original route, the original never completed, instead passing the baton to the RMS Carpathia. After the maiden voyage, Titanic II: Judgement Day will make global voyages.

As a fan of cruises, world travel, and continuing to refer to the ship by famous sequel titles, I'm really looking forward to booking passage on Titanic II: The Chamber of Secrets. Do I book in steerage and have that raging Irish dance party? Or go to the hoity-toity, high-falutin first class dinner party with a fine upstanding Hannibal citizen like the Unsinkable Molly Brown?

Now, unlike the original, which was owned by the British ompany White Star Line, this Titanic II: The Empire Strikes Back is owned and being built by the Australian Blue Star Line, no relation, despite similar accents and company names. There's no ticketing info yet, but I'll definitely set up some sort of Google alert so I can be first to get some. One thing is for sure when I book my ticket on Wrath of the Titanic, I promise to not do the whole KING OF THE WORLD! thing. That's just too obvious.

BILL PAXTON! He was in it, too. I always forget that. God Bill Paxton was great. It's too bad he's not around for a trip on Titanic II: Winter Soldier.

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