If there's two things I love in this world, it's baseball, and pop culture references. This year, the Cardinals, a baseball team (in case you weren't aware), are making several great pop culture references over the course of many Theme Nights. Here they are, ranked by how excited I am for them.

Single- Star Wars Night

Listen, I like Star Wars as much as the next guy, really I do. But Star Wars night has been around for years. I don't want to say I'm bored with it, but... I mean, we get it. Star Wars Night is Wednesday, June 13th as they host the San Diego Padres.

Double - Margaritaville

When the Cardinals host the Atlanta Braves on Friday June 29th, I hope you found your lost shaker of salt because that's Margaritaville. You'll get a themed t-shirt, and a pregame concert from a Jimmy Buffett tribute band. (Note the above video is from 2016's Margaritaville night)

Triple - Mark McGwire

No, this one isn't on the same pop cultural level as some of the others that made the list, but Mark McGwire's 62nd home run is iconic. It's legendary. That whole 1998 season is iconic. So to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Big Mac's run, on Sunday September 16th, when they host the Los Angeles Dodgers, it's Mark McGwire Bobblehead Night. Though if you ask me, they should have done it when San Diego's in town, so they could have Mark there.

Home Run - Game of Thrones

They still haven't officially announced a date for these yet, but 18 teams are partnering with HBO to host Game of Thrones Nights, including the Royals and Cardinals. Last year, they were in July ahead of the Season seven premiere. I would imagine they'd be in at the same time.

Grand Slam - The Sandlot 25th Anniversary

It's one of the all time great baseball movies. It's purely about the love of the game. And as much as I would love to get down for that aforementioned Dodger Game with the Mark McGwire bobblehead, this August 14th game against the Washington Nationals is my most desired game.

Honorable Mentions aka The Bunts: Beatles Night - Friday August 31 vs Cincinnati Reds, 80s Night - Friday September 14th vs LA Dodgers, Elvis Night - Friday June 1st vs Pittsburgh Pirates, Peanuts Night - Wednesday June 27th vs Cleveland Indians, Hello Kitty Night - Wednesday August 1st vs Colorado Rockies.