While I’m sure there are a few office pools out there in which Janet from accounting still has a perfect Final Four, it’s pretty unlikely (especially this year). Out of 17.3 million ESPN Tournament Challenge participants, only 550 picked an accurate Final Four (Loyola-Chicago, Michigan, Villanova, and Kansas).

And wouldn’t you know it, one of those perfect pickers is a Quincy guy! Kevin Doellman, a photographer for WGN and alumnus of Quincy Notre Dame, realized only recently that his Final Four was actually THE Final Four.

“I kind of gave up on my bracket for a little bit and then last night I was like ‘who did I pick in the Final Four?’ he tells his WGN colleagues. “Oh my God, I picked all four!”

And he has 11 seed Loyola-Chicago over 1 seed Kansas in the championship round. Why not? Maybe. Sure. I guess.

If you’re wondering about our Million Dollar Bracket Challenge, the chances of a perfect, a close to perfect bracket, or even a four for four at this point went bye bye a long time ago. Our kettle grill is still up for grabs, and fortunately for you, Kevin didn’t enter to win it! We have three in the running for the top spot, but a win by Kansas on Saturday will lock it up for Cdog883.

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