2016 has put Quincy on a list that will surprise you.

According to the website onlyinyourstate.com, Quincy is in the Top 13 Most Dangerous Illinois cities to live in. We would all like to think our little river town is quite, but there is a whole other side of Quincy that some would wish doesn't exists, the crime side. With murder, rapes, drugs, robbery and all other crimes Quincy not only made the list, but landed in the top five.

Here is the list of all 13 Most Dangerous Cities in Illinois:

13: Harvey

12: DeKalb

11: Rockford


9: Peoria

8: Kankakee

7: Champaign

6: Carbondale

5: Alton

4: Quincy (In 2015 there were over 200 crimes committed that hasn't happened since 2009)

3: Chicago

2: Bloomington

1: East St. Louis

Although this is not a list Quincy wants to be on, Quincy still is (in my opinion) one of the safest places to live and raise children in. There is always going to be crime, whether your in a big city like Chicago or a small town like Quincy crime is everywhere. All we can hope as a community is that crime goes down and get on a list that makes Quincy a more desirable place to want to visit.