Leave that three-piece suit and formal dress at home, you will not need to dress up at the best restaurant in Missouri.

Listen, I like getting dressed up and going to fancy restaurants and having a good time, but when you have kids, that is far few and in between. So, when a website claims they have found the best restaurant in Missouri and you don't need to dress in your Sunday best and its family-friendly restaurant, I am all in.

The Pizza House in Springfield has just been named the best place in Missouri by Shermans Travel. They say,

or those looking for a quirky ambiance -- plus hand-rolled, thin-crust pizzas -- head straight to the Pizza House in Springfield. The restaurant first opened up shop in 1958. Today, it boasts a vintage vibe to accompany its top-notch pizzas. Choose from a slew of toppings like banana peppers, onions, mushrooms, and more.

For 65 years this has been the place to go when visiting Springfield and it seems like their menu caters to everyone in the family. Whether you're out with the family on having dinner for two this seems to be the perfect place for dinner or lunch.

Again, don't get me wrong I love dressing up and going out, but when you work all day and take the kids to all of the after-school activities do you want to get dressed up or just put your hair in a messy bun and grab a pizza? Option 2, please!

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