Do you like Missouri history? Do you also like it when it's kind of naughty? Sorry for the awkward question. The reason I ask is there's a 100-year-old water tower in St. Louis that includes a very controversial statue at its base.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I enjoy This House videos on YouTube. They seem to constantly share local fun historical things. That includes this water tower in the Compton Heights area of St. Louis. I should say "former" water tower as it was retired from those duties back in 1929. I first saw this shared on the Missouri sub-Reddit page.

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Now about that naughty statue. As he mentions in his video tour, this "art" is called The Naked Truth and was gifted to St. Louis in 1914 by a German-American alliance. Those naughty Germans. Don't worry. The fun areas are blurred.

This House via YouTube
This House via YouTube

Nowadays, that statue isn't that saucy. Back in 1914, I would imagine meetings were held to figure out how to deal with such a beautiful representation of the female anatomy. Someone please to get this truth statue a t-shirt.

If you don't already follow This House on YouTube, you really should. Water towers with saucy statues are just the tip of the iceberg for their content.

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