I know what floating is. I'm familiar with the concept. I'm aware of the physical act of floating. Whether in a pool, or on the lake or in the ocean, I have a firm grasp of what floating is. BUT... what is a floating center? And why do we have one in Quincy? And why do I desperately want to go to there?

I started getting invites from a friend on Facebook for the Still Waters Float Center a few weeks back, and didn't give it much mind. That's my bad, that's on me. I clicked "Like" and went about my day, when I really should have looked into it, because it's pretty cool. The Float Center is like... three big tubs filled with salt water. It's more complicated than that, but that's kind of the gist of it. They're like sensory deprivation chambers, or like... do you remember Minority Report? The tubs the Precogs were in before they announced Tom Cruise was about to kill a guy? That. But you don't get psychic powers. You just get relaxation and an overwhelming sense of calm.

And it's three tubs in separate rooms instead of everybody in one giant tub. That would be kind of awkward. The salt water is key because that's what gives you buoyancy. Like in the Dead Sea, where you just kind of float there because it's so salty. Visit Still Waters' website for more information, or to book a float session.

You can book individual reservations for $65 for a 90-minute session, or sign up for various packages and memberships that can wind up saving you some serious money on it. I may set aside some money and time for this. I'm definitely tightly wound and stressed out, so I could use some rest and relaxation, and if that just so happens to involve floating in salt water filled pods, so be it.

Though, to paraphrase Randall Graves in Clerks: The Animated Series: "Sharks live in water, there's water in the pods, I rest my case."

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