Missouri has over 330 wineries but which wine that comes out of Missouri is the best? Apparently, there is one that rises above the rest and it comes from a guy named Adam...Here are the details...

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I have to start this by letting you all know I am not a wine expert (or even a wine drinker) BUT I do love trying things that are considered the best or must-try, and according to the experts at A 1 Wine & Spirit the number one must-try wine that comes from Missouri is the Adam Puchta's Chardonel Wine. Why is it such a must-try? On their site, they say...

"Manufactured in Adam Puchta Winery, Chardonel wine is one of the most loved wines in Missouri. The wine has a spicy finish with a light oak complexity. The wine is available in dry white color that has flavors of pear and green apple. The combination makes the wine more yum! You can enjoy this wine with french cheeses, seafood, or baked brie; it will add more spice to the evening you spend with your special one. Make sure you are having this wine when it is chilled."

They have 3 other wines that make their list of most popular wines from Missouri, and you can check out the list for yourself by clicking here!

I have never heard of Adam Puchta Winery but according to their website, the winery is located in Hermann, Missouri, and is the oldest continuously owned family farm winery in the US dating back to 1855, and for more info on the winery, click here!

Also, a fun fact, Missouri has 334 wineries which is 10th most in the US, more than Illinois and Iowa but a lot less than California which has 6,148...

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