By now you’ve probably heard about a new game show called “The Wall”, in which couples answer general trivia questions and drop radioactive basketballs down a three-story Plinko board in hopes of swiftly bankrupting NBC.

And if you do well, sometimes Lebron James comes to your house and drops off duffel bags full of cash while your nosy neighbors look on and wonder where you hid that spare key.

The show is hosted by Chris Hardwick of Comedy Central’s “@midnight”, AMC’s “Talking Dead”, “Talking Bad”, “Talking Saul”, the “Nerdist” podcast, a Comedy Central special, and that one video your friend from high school posted on Facebook a while back. You know the one. You clicked “Like”. Somebody give that man an Emmy!

2016 Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Day 1 - Press Room
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Oh. Good.

But did you know that he once did a show right here in Quincy? You probably didn’t. You wanna know why you didn’t know about it? Because NOBODY WAS THERE!
Okay, SOME people were there. But not many. Chances are, you weren’t.

Way back in 2006, before he was recapping AMC shows and waiting for Lebron’s balls to drop, Chris Hardwick was part of a comedy duo with Mike Phirman called “Hard ‘n Phirm”. Get it?

Hard ‘n Phirm did a show right down the street at Quincy University that winter to a crowd of maybe a few dozen students (including myself). I guess the cold weather kept many of my Hawk brethren indoors studying for their final exams. Come to think of it, I probably should have been doing the same (that semester was a rough one). But, had I done that, I wouldn’t have this ultra-pixelated photo to remember the occasion. So I guess it all worked out.

Chris Hardwick
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