The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day marathon is one of the oldest, and some would say the most important, Thanksgiving tradition on the books. I believe, and correct if I'm wrong (but I'm not, so don't bother) it all started when the Pilgrims and Native Americans performed skits for each other after dinner, and there was a Pilgrim and a Native American who sat in the back row giggling at how lame the skits were. That's a true story, don't bother Googling it, because it will just confirm that I didn't make it up off the top of my head to fit this blog post. It's just not taught in schools because the MAN doesn't think it's important to know.

Netflix MST3K revival stars Jonah Ray and Felicia Day join original host and creator of MST3K Joel Hodgson for the annual marathon of six of the best MST3K episodes, as foretold to us by the prophecy. Or the most popular on IMDb. Whichever. I've heard it both ways.

You can watch it stream live for free on ShoutFactoryTV starting at 11am CST.

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