I love vacations, which is strange considering I never get to take one. I'm not complaining. OK, I suppose I am. I realize that many working people in this day and age don't take vacations much anymore. So, I'm in good company. But, boy do I miss vacations where you really get to relax.

Maybe you've had days off the same way that I've had days off...where you're not at "work", but the only reason you've taken the day off is to do other "work".  I had a half-day off earlier this year for a doctor appointment.  Yippee.  Unless playing pinball on my phone in the doctor office waiting room counts, that was not a vacation day.

The last "real" vacation that I had was way back in 2004.  My wife and I literally circled the state of Colorado in our car (Thank you Dad for letting us use your gas card.  Sorry about the bill).  If I haven't mentioned it before, I love Colorado.  Give me mountains any day and I'm a happy man.  Montana is pretty awesome also.  More mountains means me likey.

When was the last time you had a real vacation?  Where did you go?  Feel free to comment and I'll vicariously live through your leisure moments cause my next "vacation" will be for the birth of my daughter.  No offense to her, but she isn't being born in the mountains.  I love mountains...

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