It's Friday. Profound statement of the day (at least by my standards). On a day like Friday when no real work ever gets done, I like to visit places online that unfortunately I'll probably never get to visit in real life. Here are a few of my favorite webcam locations if you care to take a virtual tour with me.

First stop on my webcam tour is Anchorage, Alaska.  There's a site called Borealis Broadband which has 13 different webcams around the Anchorage area on one page.  Since I have yet to buy a sled dog team, this is probably as close to beautiful Anchorage as I'll get unfortunately.

Next up on my fantasy trip is a place that I've actually been to (and would love to go back again...permanently)...Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  This rather small town in southern Colorado is just about as close as you get to paradise on this Earth.  I could stare at this page...forever.  By the way, if you've never been over Wolf Creek Pass near Pagosa Springs, this is a cool vid to experience that...virtually.

Even though this site has kind of a "Geocities" website feel to it, there's no arguing that the webcam looking out from Carmel, California toward the ocean is pretty.  Yes, the same Carmel, California where Clint Eastwood was mayor.  The webcam pic is even animated which keeps my 2nd grade-level mind entertained.

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