Summer's winding down. Pre-season football starts tomorrow with the Chiefs hosting the Houston Texans. We're deep into back to school shopping. Pretty soon we'll be wearing flannel and adding pumpkin to literally everything. But the other harbinger of the greatest season is also upon us: The seasonal Halloween store is coming!

Spirit Halloween 2018
TSM Photo

And if that pic looks slightly different than in years past, that's because it has moved locations. For the past several years it's been in the Oak Street Plaza, but a few months ago, Anytime Fitness moved into that location. So where is the Spirit Halloween Store this year? The old MC Sports building in the Prairie Trail Shopping Center. That's gonna be a great location for them.

They haven't officially announced an opening date, as all that information is set to be announced on their website on August 15th, but if the last two years are any indication, it will most likely be Saturday, August 18th when they open their doors.

If you're looking for seasonal work, they are hiring and it's worth checking out, because you get an employee discount. I'm thinking of applying as a part-time gig for the extra cash.... which will all be spent in store. Because I love Halloween.

Last year when I made my first visit to the store of the season, I wouldn't phrase it as "kid in candy store" level enthusiasm. That's much too calm and reserved. I was definitely at a heightened "Brodie in a Halloween store" level excited.

You know the Christmas song "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"? That was playing in my head as I wandered the store. So many costume ideas! Do I want to go as Freddy Krueger? I've already been Jason Voorhees. What about Rick Grimes?! Ooooo a vampire! Ehhhhh I did the vampire thing through most of my youth. WIGS! I'm bald, so maybe something with hair... So many options and 2 months doesn't seem like a lot of time to make a decision. There are plenty of super-heroes/villains and other famous characters to choose from. Batman or Joker? Who should I be?

Then of course the decorations. How many gravestones do I put up?! Or hanging bats? I really should have a fog machine. Skeletons, zombies, ghosts, witches, A WEREWOLF! And for the record, this is all staying up year round. This will just be what my apartment is. All Halloween, all the time. I'll just throw a Santa hat or bunny ears on the skeleton for those holidays. I've been searching for a decorating theme. They recently released their 2018 New Product Line, which includes animitronics of horror icons Michael Myers and Chucky, strand lights of Michael, Jason & Freddy, and Hocus Pocus Mugs.

I grew up watching horror movies and shows, reading scary stories and novels, listening to spooky music. Twilight Zone, Addams Family, Are You Afraid of the Dark, Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream, the Universal monster classics, anything scary or fear inducing... that was my wheelhouse.

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