Shamrock shake season is coming SOON, and McDonald's announced a new twist on the Shamrock shake.

McDonald's has announced that the Shamrock Shake will be returning on February, 19th for its 50th anniversary. They made the announcement on their Facebook page, and also announced that you will be able to get a SHAMROCK OREO MCFLURRY....

Pray for me. If you know me then you know my favorite dessert all time is the Shamrock shake, so minty and refreshing, and the fact that it is only available a small time of the year makes it ultra crave-able. My second favorite dessert is the Oreo McFlurry, the fact that I will be able to combine the two starting February 19th may mean that I gain 20 pounds very quickly. I cannot wait to be able to try this magical combination, just when I think my diet is going well McDonald's pulls me back in... Follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen.

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