Tenille Townes is commenting on the impermanence of life in her new song, "The Last Time." Co-written by Townes along with Ben Goldsmith and Gordie Sampson, the tune finds the singer highlighting the temporary nature of life and relationships and the importance of holding onto special moments.

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, Townes begins the song by telling the story of a mother who drops her son off at school everyday. Before she knows it, though, the son turns 16 years old and begins driving himself to school. Townes then launches in the chorus, singing about how "the last time" can come sooner than one may think.

"Everyone remembers the first time / 'Cause the heart knows they'll never be another like this / But the thing about the last time / Is you don't know that it's the last time 'til it is," she sings.

She continues this theme in the second verse, singing in the first person about missing her grandfather. In the final verse, she relates the message to a relationship, vowing to enjoy every moment with a love interest before "the last time" comes around.

"Wrote this song thinking about how we put a frame around the memory of a first time … and how sometimes the last time can sneak up on us," Townes says of the song on social media. "Here for all your nostalgic feelings!! Bring ‘em on!"

Townes memorably debuted in mainstream country music in 2018 with her No. 1 song "Somebody's Daughter." She then released her full-length, debut album, The Lemonade Stand, in June 2020. "The Last Time" follows recent releases "Girl Who Didn't Care" (2021) and "When's It Gonna Happen" (2022).

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