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There is a movement happening right now in country music that I have witnessed with my own two eyes. I'm talking about the acceleration of Jelly Roll to the top of the country music genre! Everyone is talking about this genre-bending artist who has had much success already in rap, rock and now country.

I had the chance to sit down and speak to Jelly Roll one-on-one right before his huge sold-out homecoming Nashville show at the Bridgestone arena last week (Dec. 9). One of the things I wanted to talk to him about was how his daughter, who is 14, is handling everything. Within his response, a new question came to me: I wanted to know what Christmas looks like to his daughter compared to how Christmas looked like for him growing up.

The truth is, it's incomparable. He said it's apples to oranges — she has been spoiled for so long that she really doesn't really ask for anything for Christmas. He said the best thing that she will get for sure, though, this year is family time — they didn't get to do that a whole lot when she was growing up, so that is really special for all of them.

Listen to him talk about it at around 5:30 in the interview above. Jelly Roll has a huge hit on the radio right now with "Son of a Sinner" and I'm told more new music could be coming after the first of the year.

Who Is Jelly Roll's Daughter?

Jelly Roll's daughter is 14-year-old Bailee Ann. He has full custody of her, along with his wife Bunnie. The teen frequently shows up on the singer's social media pages and even showed up on stage with him at Bridgestone Arena to sing a song she wrote called "Tears Could Talk," inspired by watching her mother battle addiction.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Jelly Roll shares that his daughter's mother and his own mother inspired a new song about addiction, called "She." Part of the reason the singer was able to turn his life around was out of a responsibility to Bailee Ann.

Jelly Roll spent a lot of time in a juvenile detention center growing up, and a lot of time with his music career after that. He was telling me how it will be good to finally be at a place this year where he has some success and can put the brakes on and really settle down and nest with his family for Christmas.

When I changed the conversation to what he is going to do when she starts dating, he quickly talked about how she already is. I wanted to know how he is handling it, and he replied with the good ol', "ya know, just cleaning the gun."

Jelly Roll is a force to be reckoned with, and I think he will change the face of the music industry as we know it — for the better. I had a great chat with him on this week's Taste of Country Nights, On Demand. Check it out here, or whereever you get your favorite podcasts from.

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