Canadian country singer Tenille Townes inspires as she reveals some inner thoughts in “Girl Who Didn’t Care,” her latest release. The guitar-driven song takes a nostalgic look at the childlike self who exists before life gets in the way.

The narrator remembers herself when she wasn’t worried about what other people think and didn’t let anything stop her from dreaming. The seemingly autobiographical tune was co-written by the artist with producer David Pramick and Steph Jones.

"I hope this song makes you guys smile and think of how you used to see yourself and everything around you before the world and society and somebody else changed your idea of it," Townes says. "I hope you sing along remembering that you are brave and important and loved, and that there’s always a little wonder waiting for you.

"And to the little dreamers listening out there," she adds, "thank you for always inspiring me and making the world brighter."

Townes' newest song comes a year after the release of her debut album, The Lemonade Stand. Townes shared with Instagram followers that she "feels like [it's] just the right time to be starting a new chapter now."

Tennille Townes' "Girl Who Didn't Care" Lyrics

Saw a little dreamer, yellow rubber boots / You can't fake a smile like that / She hasn't learned how to / Looking at the world like a big old canvas / Spinning full of magic / Little more color, a little less damage / I miss my imagination / I wonder how it faded ...


I wanna worry a little less, love a little more / Barefoot in a dress, dancing on the floor / Like I did back when, when I was younger / Making up the songs playing in my head / Didn't matter what anybody said / Didn't need to be like all the others / Giant dreams and wild hair / Yeah, I know she's still in there somewhere / The girl who didn't care ...

I wanna go driving down a gravel road / Wanna see the whole sky / One airplane hand out the window / Wanna marvel at a lightning bug / Go ahead and get lost in the wonder of the smaller stuff / I miss my imagination / Maybe it's been waiting ...

Repeat Chorus

Saw a little dreamer, yellow rubber boots / She looks a lot like I used to ...

Repeat Chorus

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