One of my families favorite thing to do, is drive around town looking at Christmas lights and decorations. I am sure many of you do the same, but one of the area's biggest light show has been missed by many the last few years. Avenue of Lights.

Avenue of Lights officially went dark in 2015. No real reason was giving why, it could've been money, time to set up the displays, lack of people to run the gate. Whatever the reasons, it is truly missed in Quincy. But we still can see what was.

There are several videos I have found on YouTube that shows what Avenue of Lights looked like, but the one I have below seems to show the whole display. I remember the tunnel of lights, the elevator Santa, and the princess castle.

Currently, there are no plans to bring back Avenue of Lights, in fact there is a website that has been trying to sell some of the light displays that were used in the park. If you are interested in purchasing a display, click here for more information.

Avenue of Lights was truly a Quincy tradition and I know is missed by many. There are still several homes that light up at night if you take a drive this holiday season. You can also take a quick drive to Keokuk to see their light display in Rand Park.