The St. Louis Cardinals are the most HATED Baseball team in Illinois, guess which state HATES the Cubs the most...

@TodayInSports posted on their Twitter feed a map of the most hated MLB teams in each state, not too shocking the St. Louis Cardinals are the most hated team in the state of Illinois. The Cubs however were the most hated team in Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, Arkansas, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Nevada... what Wyoming has against the Cubs I don't know.

This map was created by the amount of geotagged Twitter data collected (basically who was tweeting angry things against these teams and where those users live). The Cardinals are also the most hated in 3 other states, and not surprising at all but there is a lot of Yankees hate out there too.

If you want to see the Map for yourself CLICK HERE! And follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen.

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