Ok. You know that I am a Christmas fan through and through, but before we can get to decorating the tree Halloween needs its time to shine. Spirit Halloween just released their store locations for Illinois & Missouri.

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If it was up to some of my close friends they would have Halloween decorations up all long just like I would Christmas decorations. Well, you won't have to wait long to start getting ready for the Halloween season, Spirita Halloween will once again be in Quincy at the same location as last year, 405 North 32nd Street. The store is slated to open in September. All the other Illinois locations are North of the Tri-States, but Missouri has a few closer to us.

If you want o travel to Missouri for Spirit Halloween you can check out the other 14 cities where stores will be located. Including St. Louis, St. Peters, O'Fallon, Jeff City, Kirkwood, and more.

If your family is anything like mine we like to visit the Halloween store multiple times to play with all of the electronics and fun new toys that they seem to have every year. I feel like that needs to be a Christmas-themed store that opens right after Spirit Halloween closes. I mean it's only fair to have a store dedicated to a holiday like Spirit Halloween. Did I just come up with a million-dollar idea?

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